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Omdena Collaborators are Omdena community members who have completed at least one Omdena 8-Week challenge, Local Chapter Challenge or Omdena School Course. Apply to a project to become an Omdena collaborator!


What people say about us

Sakthisree VenkatesanThe community made me feel a sense of freedom and provided a non-judgmental environment where I was enabled to help others.Data Wrangler
Neil SahotaCollaborative AI enables robust AI solutions through sharing knowledge, perspectives, and promoting diversity and inclusion.Global AI expert, Senior Mentor
Xavier Torres FatsiniAfter the Omdena project, I see that career adaptation was a necessary thing in today’s trends.Professor ESADE, Lead ML Engineer

Earn Impact Points (IMP)

IMP is tokens rewarded by Omdena for the impact you have made on the community.
For each core challenge completion, you’ll receive IMP based on your role and level of exceptional work in the challenge.

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